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Brasilia: The modern capital of Brazil and a World Heritage site. Travel with us and have fun with our tips, places, landscapes and adventures there.

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(Modern Capital)

Situated in the geographical center of Brazil, Brasilia, the capital city of the country was built in 1960. The project was Lucio Costa's and the architecture from Oscar Niemeyer. Inspired on the shape of an airplane, it has large avenues, pleasant parks and it is home of many of the country's most famous buildings, including the Ministry buildings, the National Congress and the Mané Garrincha National Soccer Stadium.

Below you can see the pictures taken during a three day visit to the city in the month of July. This is the minimum stay suggested. There is simply a lot to be seen. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. For more information about the city, visit: UNESCO.

The must do activities that fit in a three day visit are:

1. Set aside an hour to visit the Television Tower where you can take an elevator and go up about 250 feet to take a breathtaking view of the city. Once you are there, visit the arts and crafts fair that is right behind the tower to eat cheap and good food and buy good priced souvenirs.
2. Visit the National Congress building and take the guided tour of about an hour.
3. Visit the Supreme Court (beside the Congress building) and take the guided tour of about half an hour.
4. Visit the Pantheon of the Nation (behind the Congress building) and take your time there (half an hour is usually enough).
5. Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral about a mile away from the Congress building. If you are the religious type, there is a small chapel underneath the main church where you can pray without the disturbance of tourists.
6. Drive around the city to enjoy the scenery and the modern architecture. Don't forget to drive through the beautiful JK bridge.
7. Brasilia has a lot more to offer in case you have more time. Many museums, public buildings of historical and cultural value, good restaurants and shopping malls, and parks and open areas to relax and waist a pleasant time.

Some pictures of the city:


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