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If you love traveling just like us, that already makes you a potential contributor.

Send us an e-mail communicating your interest in collaborating with our Weblog, telling us which destination you would like to write about and share with us. The text does not have to be long or complex. Reading has to be simple and enjoyable. Our support team will format and spell check it. The photos and videos could be landscapes, relevant situations, things or people, provided that you have the copyright or proper authorization to use the material.

Tell us your point of view, your impressions and in what circumstances everything happened (date, season, were you alone, in a group, with family ...). This will help our followers get prepared for their own travel experiences.

Click on the Contributors menu and choose the option Be a Contributor and get in touch. We are looking forward to reading about your great travel experiences.


Contributors    Cairo - Egito by Mahara Shams

Contributors    Romania - by Brunna Ariáh Novais


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