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Castle of Peles    

Castle of Peles

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Information about a trip to Romania in Europe. Here a visit to the Castle of Peles done by our contributor Brunna Ariáh Novais. Travel with us and have fun with our tips, places, landscapes and adventures there.

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Castle of Peles

This visit was part of my 26-day trip through Europe. The trip also included London and Paris.

I went from London to Bucharest by plane. A car rental company picked us up at the airport. At the car rental agency, we got our car to get to drive around the city. Then we headed for the mountains. I stayed in Romania for a week. I stayed for two days at the mountains.

The landscape is mostly dominated by a chain of mountains. Land of the most famous fiction vampire, Count Dracula, Transylvania is the best known region of Romania.

One of the things that made me more curious was that the Romanians eat a lot of soup, broths almost every day, preferably eaten with a piece of bread. By the way, the meals are all eaten with bread !!!

Many Mountains

"Dracula's castle" may be the most famous. However, in terms of beauty, nothing compares to that of Peles, the must see landmark of Transylvania in the small town of Sinaia (142 km from Bucharest). The castle is surrounded by beautiful woods, where it is a real pleasure to walk around. For the majority of people, the city of Brasov, 44 kilometers (along a curvy road), is the basis for a visit to the castle. I did not go inside the castle because the queue was enormous ... But on the outside, it is a great beauty to see and take several pictures!

Peles Castle


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