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Braga: White Night

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Information about the White Night, a simply unforgettable 48 hour festival for all ages in Braga in the Northern part of Portugal. Travel with us and have fun with our tips, places, landscapes and adventures there.

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(White Night - Non-stop Partying!)

(Avenida Central - Central Avenue)

Noite Branca (White Night) is one of the best events in the city of Braga in the Northern part of Portugal. This year (2017) it is expected the visit of three hundred thousand of tourists. It is a celebration of the end of the hot season and the beginning of the cold weather. The first edition in Braga was in 2012 and it was an immediate success. It takes place in September and there are 48 hours of activities for children, special visits, concerts, exhibitions and lots of entertainment. And the best of all, it's all free!

(300 thousand visitors!)

During this non-stop festival, wander around to visit museums, monuments, galleries, squares and gardens. Every moment will be special and unforgettable. Braga's Noite Branca treats you with great concerts (this year the Brazilian singer Seu Jorge), see innovative installations and performances, visit museums during the day or the night, participate in any one of a myriad of activities suitable for the entire family and just walk around the historic center, exploring and participating in a variety of events.

(Seu Jorge Concert)

Many streets will have animation, plays, exhibitions, DJs, street musicians... There are also theme parties at nightclubs and special activities in museums and monuments.

(48 hours of Non-stop partying!)


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