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Rome, one of the world's most beautiful cities and the capital city of Italy. Travel with us and have fun with our tips, places, landscapes and adventures there.

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Traveling to Italy was an old dream. Due to its history, the landscapes, the cuisine and the joy of its people. A Collection of wonders that have always seduced me. Faced with so many possibilities, Rome in which past and present can coexist in perfect harmony, is a necessary visit. Walking around the streets of Rome is a must do activity, but the subway is also great for going to distant places. Renting a car to go around town did not seem like a good option. We rented it later, to drive up to the Tuscany region. And here's a tip: Rent the smallest car you can get. They are more expensive, but soon you will understand why. They're going to offer you great, bigger cars for great prices, but do not fall for it. Driving around will make you go into several narrow lanes, which sometimes we only realize that it is a street when a car comes passing right by you.

(Several kinds of streets)

A trip to Rome requires a lot of planning. It is important to keep in mind that both Rome and the Vatican are highly tourist destinations. That is, everything needs to be scheduled in Advance. As the world center of Christianity, the capital of Italy, houses a large number of religious temples, which in addition to the religious side are full of history and treasures. The Roma Pass is a great option to visit the several tourist areas in the city! In addition to allowing the entrance to several important attractions of the city, it also allows you unlimited use all of the public transportation for a certain number of days, after the first use. At the airport you will find a Roma Pass stand.

(On foot or using public transport)

Perhaps the most desired visit is to the Amphiteatrum Flavium or simply, Colosseum, as it is popularly known. One of the most famous monuments in the world, symbol of the Roman empire, which attracts more than 3 million tourists every year. Built initially in 72 AD for fights between gladiators and shows that were real superproductions. For example, they would flood the arena for boat battles or they would hoist elephants and other exotic animals that were stored underground using a complex elevator system, for the thrill of the audience. Impressive technologies for the time. We took a guided tour to the 3rd floor and to the underground of the Colosseum. It is definitely worth paying a little extra for this tour. It is very exciting to go underground where the gladiators would walk by before the fights and have the same view that the audience had, imagining that scene as it happened two thousand years ago besides the view of the surroundings of the Colosseum. It even gives you a strange sensation to think how many people have died there. You will receive headphones that will allow you to listen to your tour guide. When making your reservation you must choose a language, among, Italian, Spanish or English. Be careful, since the schedules of the guided tours vary according to the chosen language.

(Amphiteatrum Flavium)

It is necessary to emphasize the lack of organization at the entrance to the Colosseum. As soon as you arrive, you already get scared at the size of the queues and the amount of people jammed and quite disorganized. Even though we were with the passes reserved and paid for, nobody gave us accurate information. Many "agents", try to sell you the facilitated entry, saying that the one you paid for still has to pick up the queue. Since we are Brazilians, we didn´t trust them and insisted until we got in without having to wait in the line. We were afraid the tour would take too long, so we decided to eat before going in, and it was a good decision. I recommend it. Around the Colosseum you will find several options of snack bars and restaurants. Even after this whole marathon, I advise you to come back at night to see the lit up Colosseum.

(Long lines and disorganization)

Enjoy the tour and after that take short a walk to the Arch of Constantine and Mount Paladino, where you can visit the ruins of the houses of the emperors. You will also find the Roman Forum there, another of Rome's must-see places. Especially because the ruins you will find there were once the center of civic and economic life in Republican Rome.

(Everything is quite close, but it requires energy!)

Who, in this world, would go to Rome and not visit the famous and sumptuous Fontana de Trevi (Trevi Fountain) and throw a penny in it as stated by the tradition? Unfortunately, when we were there it was being restored, and we could hardly see it. Several legends are spread in relation to the most beautiful fountain in the world, but the most well-known and traditional legend is one which, If a foreigner or a stranger goes to Rome, and fall in love with the city or with its people, such person must go to Fontana di Trevi before leaving, turn his back and toss a coin into his waters. This will make sure that the person will return to the city. Although the fountain had no water, people kept throwing the coins. In our case, regardless of the coin, we know that returning to see the fountain restored is mandatory.

(Under construction!)

A very cool tour is to visit the Pantheon, A temple of all gods. It is an imposing architectural monument that resisted not only weather, but also the various changes over the years. It is situated at Rotonda square, right in the center of the city. Very beautiful inside too! In the square, it is possible to see many people, walking, talking or just standing there, enjoying artists who perform there. We were lucky to listen to a concert by a musician playing Pink Floyd, right in the middle of the square, with that beautiful scenery around us. It was wonderful!

(Pantheon at Piazza della Rotonda)

Another striking and beautiful monument is Victorio Emanuelle, which we found unintentionally in our wanderings. Opened in 1911, it is a magnificent building, all in marble, built in honor and honor to Vitor Emanuelle, king of Italy at the time. Very beautiful! It was a pleasant surprise.

(Strolling at random)

Being in Rome, regardless of one´s faith, going to the Vatican is essential. Whether for religious reasons, or due to its picturesque history. After all, it is a very different attraction, because we enter a different country, within a city. And this, by itself, is quite curious. Spare a day for this visit and make all the reservations and bookings in advance, through the internet while still in Brazil.

(Visiting the Vatican)

Another important visit is the Piazza del Popolo (People's Square), a place that draws attention due to the size and number of elements present in the same spot and the Porta Portese, a Flea market in Rome where, as with any good flea market, you can find everything at great prices. This trip was wonderful! It was just me and my wife. After Rome, we rented a car and headed to the region of Tuscany (to the medieval cities: Volterra, San Gimignano and Montepulciano, Siena, Pisa and Florence), driving up to Venice on another charming Honeymoon.

Once you are in Rome, do not forget to visit the VATICAN


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