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Pisa, the city of the famous inclined tower in Italy. Travel with us and have fun with our tips, places, landscapes and adventures there.

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If you are traveling around the Tuscan area, you cannot miss a visit to Pisa to see the famous Pisa Tower. Pisa is not only fascinating due to its history and the natural and glamorous inclination of its famous tower but also for its spectacular architecture. The Tower was suggested as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, but it did not win. However, it is one of the most famous tourist spots of Europe and of the world. If you ask anyone to list the most famous monuments, you can be sure that the Tower of Pisa will be on the list. However, Pisa is not only famous because of its leaning tower, it is also home of the most renowned universities of Italy.

(Wandering around Pisa)

If you have a tight travel schedule but want to include Pisa in your itinerary, you can try round trips among several cities nearby. The city of Florence, for example, is about 100 km from Pisa. In our case, we chose to stroll around the city and then go to sleep in San Gimignano as we wanted to have some wine and spend the night in a medieval town in the area. The problem is that Italy offers so many attractions that we need to set priorities and then we leave all of the places visited with a feeling of "I have to come back".

(Multiple destination options. Just choose one and enjoy)

We were traveling by car, being able to choose our arrival and departure times and where we would sleep. For this reason, we just went on not worried about time. Our only time limit was the enchantment of the place. We went from Rome to Pisa along the seaside road enjoying the beautiful scenery.

(Driving along the coast and on very nice roads)

The main attraction of the city, is without any doubt the Tower of Pisa. Next to the tower you will find the Duomo, the Battistero and the Camposanto (cemetery). That is, all the major attractions together in Piazza dei Miracoli. The Battistero is also considered a religious building, and inside there is a baptismal font built in 1246. The Duomo is the Cadetral of Santa Maria Assunto, the main church of Pisa. And the Monumental Cemetery of Pisa, a historical cemetery, which contains land coming from Mount Calvary and where the most illustrious personages of the city are buried. It is one of the most visited cemeteries of the nineteenth century, being one of the most important cemeteries in Italy. All the monuments of Campo dei Miracoli are paid attractions, except the Duomo.

(Well more beautiful in person)

To be in front of the Leaning Tower is fantastic! Such beauty enchanted me! It is much more beautiful in person than in the photos and much more beautiful than many famous monuments. For those who are interested, it is possible to climb the tower. There are about 300 steps in very tight corridors. They say the climb is uncomfortable because of the slope of the building and can cause vertigo in some people. In addition, the view would not be the best, if compared with other lookouts around the world. So we chose not to climb and so we were not stuck at fixed times as well, which would be more of a drawback. However, if you want, you can buy the ticket at the same day, but depending on the season of the year, you can find a huge queue or even not find tickets available. I advise you to buy them in advance. In the square, you can also find many stalls that sell a variety of souvenirs.

(Piazza dei Miracoli ou Square of Miracles)

The famous River Arno crosses the city of Pisa as well as the city of Florence. It is a spectacle in itself. Make sure to walk across the bridges that connect one part of the city to another. It's beautiful! Very European.

(On the bridge over the Arno River)

Also visit: Piazza dei Cavalieri, the second most famous square in Pisa, after Piazza dei Miracoli. The church Santa Maria Della Spina, situated on the Arno River, built in 1230 in a pisan gothic style and it preserves in its interior, one of the thorns removed from the crown of Jesus. The Palazzo d'arte e cultura Blu, where shows and exhibitions are held and attracts thousands of people.
Another thing I would like to highlight in this post is that on the visit to the tower, I went to a bathroom nearby and forgot my Iphone inside the cabin. The bathroom was crowded and there was a huge queue outside, even so, when I came back 20 minutes later, my phone was exactly in the same place. It is great to be able to share these positive experiences!
Anyway, Pisa, like all Italian cities always surprises us. If you can stay a little longer in the city, you will be delighted, but if the main objective is only to see the Leaning Tower closely, a quick visit is perfectly acceptable.

(Simply beautiful and striking)


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