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Disneyland Paris

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Information about a trip to the amusing Disneyland Paris in France: one of the most romantic and charming cities in the world. Travel with us and have fun with our tips, places, landscapes and adventures there.

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Disneyland Paris

(The Magical World of Disney in Europe!)

Located in Marne-la-Vallé, a district that lies about 40 km east of Paris, are the European Disney parks. The trip from Paris to the parks lasts about 30 minutes by subway that takes you from the eastern outskirts of Paris to the Marne-la-Vallé - Chessy station, the last station where you must get off. The station is a walking distance of the complex, in a courtyard that is very close to the entrance to the 2 parks and the Disney Village. Everything very close to each other. In our case, we chose to stay in a hotel near there for two nights. Most hotels have a shuttle service to the parks all day long.

(Neither cold temperatures nor the rain cool off the fun)

There are two theme parks: Disneyland, equivalent to Magic Kingdom in Orlando and Walt Disney Studios, similar to Orlando's Hollywood Studios. However, they are much smaller! It also has the Disney Village, a leisure area with restaurants, shops and movie theater, as well as several nearby resorts. In fact, the park is a Disneyworld miniature from the one in Orlando. I can imagine on crowded days, all the people jammed in there. It must be crazy! Fortunately, we did not go on a very busy as it was during the week and it was raining. But as we are the adventurous and persistent type, the rain did not stop us from doing anything. Even in such cold weather. After all, it was winter in Paris. Days after we left, the snow began to fall over the toys. We could see it from the train that took us to Switzerland and passed by the parks.

(At the entrance of the parks.)

We are regular Disneyworld visitors in Orlando. We love it! On our visit to Paris, we decided to go there and play around with the boys. I think it is worth visiting. But know that you may have communication problems because the parks attendants and store helpers, only speak French. Very difficult to find someone to talk to in English. Fortunately, I speak French and had no problem, but I saw people complaining about it. Those who already know the Orlando parks do not try expect all their grandiosity in the parks of Eurodisney. Just go for a "free sample" or you will be disappointed, even though the attractions are pretty much the same. In short, no one's going to France to visit Disney. In this case, it is much more exiting and much cheaper, to visit Disneyworld in Orlando. But if you are already in Paris, it is worth reserving two or three days to fool around the parks.



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