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Information about the visit of our contributor Mahara-Shams to the Pyramids in Egypt. Travel with us and have fun with our tips, places, landscapes and adventures there.

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Egyptian Pyramids

Studio Mahara Shams

The long waited attraction: Pyramids!

The great Pyramids of Giza: Cheops, Khafre and Mykerinus were built some 2,700 years BC, and getting close to them is a greater than expected emotion! To touch it, imagining how its construction was possible, and seeing its magnificence makes the trip to Egypt worth it.
It is possible to go into the great pyramid. However, I chose not to take this tour. In order to go in it is necessary to walk for a few minutes leaning forward (almost crouching on the ground) down a dark corridor until you reach a small chamber that has absolutely nothing and then go back! Not recommended for claustrophobic people and as I had suffered a small "faint" minutes before, I found it prudent to stand outside!
It is also possible to climb the steps to take pictures. There is a perfect viewpoint for photos and the vans take you there! It is worth remembering that the heat is extreme, there is no shade in the surroundings and the street vendors are very abusive. If you look at them, it is already a sign that you want to buy something and they harass and follow you until you buy something! The best thing to do is to avoid looking at them and leave the shopping to be done at end of the tour!

(Irresistible scenery for posing and taking picturess!)

An optional attraction is the picture on a camel! It is worth it, but for those who are afraid of height it takes courage because the camel is very tall and to go up it is necessary two stages, at first you take a stride and it stays about the height of a horse, so far so good, but when the camel stretches the legs, you climb very high!!! The stride shakes you and then it is just trying to relax! My experience was not the best! The camels that are by the pyramids are usually stressed. Mine started to get nervous, banging the hind paw and biting the camel on the side. I panicked because apart from the height it was difficult to hold myself in place, so I started to scream to get down! The guide laughed until he realized my complete despair, by the time the camel had gone halfway down I fainted and when I woke up I was being carried. It last a short period of time and soon I was already happy taking selfies and pictures of everything that was around me!

(Radical adventure!)

Very close, you will find the famous Sphinx. I must confess I expected it to be bigger, but that did not take away the emotion! I tried to take the famous picture of kissing it several times; the result was not that good!

(Demonstration of affection!)

After this incredible tour we went for a snack at Pizza Hut ! The restaurant was incredibly empty. Tourism in Egypt has dropped a lot long after the "Arab Spring". People are scared to travel there! We got a table with a view of the sphinx and the pyramids! The picture was not very good as the window remained closed and it was tinted glass.

(Pause to recharge the energies.)

In the second part of our trip, we stayed at the Ramses Plaza ! I left Brazil saying that I wanted to stay away from Tahrir square, where 250 people lost their lives in the 2011 revolution and where all the "disturbances" of Cairo took place
Well, I found out that the hotel and the museum are at such famous square! I almost had a heart attack but I loved the hotel! My room had a view of The Nile River with its famous boats where you can enjoy music and dance shows. The breakfast in the morning was delicious. The young Muslim women were enchanted by the Brazilian way of the women of our group! In the hotel lobby, there were Arabic music with shishas (hookah) for the guests! One of the things that impressed me was seeing from the hotel restaurant, the government building completely burned. From another window I could see the museum and I reminded of the human chain they formed during the revolution to protect it from attacks ...

(Immersed in Egyptian culture!)

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This text was a kind contribution of physiotherapist, dancer and Belly Dance teacher Mahara Shams. Visit the page of Mahara Shams Studio situated in Belo Horizonte, MG. Inquire about the dance studio, the courses and schedules available.

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