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Information about our trip to Varadero, a beautiful resort area in Cuba in the caribbean. Travel with us and have fun with our tips, places, landscapes and adventures there.

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Varadero is just about 90 miles (142 kilometers) away from Havana. It is a beach town with 13 miles (20 kilometers) of white sand, thin and crystal clear waters surrounded by palm trees. There is no doubt it is the perfect destination and the most famous one for those who want to relax on the beach while in Cuba. Varadero was and still is the beach the Cubans are most proud of. After all, it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world where the rich and famous like to spend their holidays.
I must confess that the first time I went there I was a little bit disappointed. For all I had heard and read about the beach, I was imagining something spectacular. And, to tell the truth, the friends who were visiting it with us, were absolutely charmed by such beauty. However, I had already been in Cancun before, so that blue water in contrast to the white sand did not surprise me. In fact, the blue tonality of the sea in Cancun seemed even more intense and turquoise. Today we recognize the Caribbean waters very easily because its tone is striking. We can find beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters in Hawaii or Greece, but with completely different but not less beautiful shades of blue. Anyway, once you visit a beach in the Caribbean, the others have the same shade of blue. They will just change intensity of the color. So, after going for the first time to the Caribbean, you will not get surprised anymore with those turquoise blue waters.

(Nice beaches)

In addition to the spectacular beaches, you will find many opportunities for local tours. There is the option of Ecotourism offered near the Zapata Peninsula, the largest reserve swamp in the Caribbean, or inside the ecological reserve of Varahicacos where you can adventure on trails of the rich vegetation and enjoy the large variety of colorful and exotic birds. Varadero has natural attractions such as caves, inland lagoons, coves and reefs where you can swim, dive or snorkel. The entire region has ideal conditions to practice fishing or sailing.

(Wonderful Nature)

If you are more like the cultural entertainment type, visit the city of Matanzas, nicknamed the "Athens of Cuba" due to the wealth of famous poets and European writers who lived there during the mid-nineteenth century. If it is possible, it is also a good idea to visit the cities of Cárdenas, the San Miguel de los Baños health resort and the Peninsula de Zapata. It is easy to mix history with the sea in Cuba.
Once you are facing such crystal clear waters, take the opportunity to try the gaurapo while sunbathing. It is a refreshing cocktail that contains a delicious mixture: cane sugar juice, water, white rum and ice. You will quickly remember that you are in the Caribbean...

(Nature and fun)

One last thing, you can't miss the city center where you will be able to visit the arts and crafts markets.


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