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Mirador Interactive Museum (MIM)

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A trip to the fun Mirador Interactive Museum (MIM) in Santiago in Chile, South America. Travel with us and have fun with our tips, places, landscapes and adventures there.

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Mirador Interactive Museum (MIM)

A museum for the children entirely dedicated to Science and Technology, in which the little ones are allowed to touch everything. But don't think that only children will play around, you will have great fun, too!

(The adventure will begin!)

The place is huge and divided by theme areas. There are countless "toys" in which children experience and practice concepts of fluids, static, mechanics, electromagnetism, etc. You can imagine how we felt there, can't you?


There are also some attractions with time schedules and limited occupancy (such as 3D cinema, typography workshop and paleontological excavation). There is a desk, at the museum entrance, with the time table for the activities. You can book and pick up the tickets there. No need to pay extra.

(Fun Physics)

Set aside a day for this visit. The museum is located a bit far away from downtown, then you need to consider this when planning your schedule. We went by subway (line 5, Mirador station). It was one of the best attractions for the kids and we also loved it!

(Activities for all ages)

For children, this museum is an amusement park and the best of all, it's an educational theme park. There, they learn playing with many different concepts of mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, among other things. How I wish we had one of those here in my city!

(Using public transportation)



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