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A trip to Fantasilandia (Fantasyland). An amazing amusement park in Santiago the capital of Chile. Travel with us and have fun with our tips, places, landscapes and adventures there.

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Fantasilandia - Fantasyland

For those who have been in the parks of Orlando, it is important to say that although some may try to make a comparison, Fantasilandia doesn't remind us the Disney parks except for an attempt to reproduce the Pirates of the Caribbean and a haunted house, that is kind of funny.

(Great park)

So if you are keen to Disney don't expect too much. Have in mind that it is a park in Latin America without the appeal of the characters, shows, fireworks or ultra modern toys, and surely, it does not have the Disney magic. But it's worth spending a day there and we had a great time the same way! The rides range from the most common in parks to really cool roller coasters!

(Guaranteed fun)

A very nice double decker bus picked us up at the entrance of the park and took us to the box office so we didn't have to walk a lot. See, it's not just Disney that has cool transport to the park entrance! Then, just buy your ticket and have fun.

(Park transfer)

Access is easy as it is very close to Santiago. We took the subway (Metro Park O'Higgins, Línea 2) and were at little walk distance to the double decker shuttle bus.

(Prepare to get wet!)

Reserve a day for this park. You won't be able do anything else after you get out of there...



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